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Read this rules plz
1. Think first before posting, we have users from different countries, different ages, different
religions and different backgrounds.
2. Our goal on this board is: "to communicate in a friendly manner about our hobby, which mainly consists of Satellite TV, computers and everything related to it" in the privacy of the meeting.
3. This board is maintained by the Adm / Mods and the Technical Staff
4. No links to porn sites and no links to other "offensive" and / or disgusting things such as animal suffering, human abuse, etc.
5. Do not post offensive texts.
6. Admin / Mod decisions are decisive.
7. No public discussion about Admin / Mod decisions. Consultation neatly only by pm or email.
8. No racist or pornographic postings.
9. Do not place keys.
10 Do not post duplicate or almost the same messages on the board.
11. Post messages in the correct forum
12. In case of doubt, the Admin / Mods can be consulted for help or vision.
13. The Admin / Mods and Technical Staff are in no way liable for what is or has been placed on this board.
14. All information obtained on or via this board is or has been obtained in a closed session.
15. The Adm / Mods and the Technical Staff are not responsible for what has been published on this board, nor can they be held liable in any way for this. The writer of a message is responsible for the content as well as the consequences of posting his / her message (s).
16. Placing advertisements in whatever form is prohibited.
17. Violation or non-compliance with these rules can lead to further measures, e.g. a (temporary) ban.

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