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How to get IPTV test ?
test for iptv
(11-01-2015, 01:11 AM)isutarov Wrote: In the moment there is no automated way of getting test file..
So you need to login with your user and pass in  the site and send message for test request..

There is 2 hours free test and 3 days test which costs 5 eur..

Specify for which test are you interested and device that you will use for testing in the message..

Hi please supply a 3 day 5 euro IPTV test for Minix Neo X7 and Kodi 16, thanks
please supply a 3 day 5 euro IPTV test for Kodi 16 (windows 10 pc)

please one IPTV test line for Enigma2
Hi, can I have a 3day test @ 5 euro, how to pay
Hello, I would like to test IPTV on my LG Smart TV with the app Smartiptv for a month. Of course, for a fee. How do we get together?

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